Course #106

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Students must submit course completion to the state board as the state does not accept reporting from approved providers.

Course does not expire until laws and rules are updated.

At the end of this course, the student will have gained knowledge regarding the Auctioneer Laws in the State of Virginia, They will also study about ethics, types of auctions, integrity, and internet auction fraud. We believe this is a well rounded course for the auctioneer to satisfy the 6 hours needed for continuing education.


Modules Include:

  • Regulations
  • The Value of Integrity II
  • Auction History I
  • Auction History II
  • Bid Calling
  • Sealed Bid Auctions

Please contact the state of Virginia for clarification on continuing education requirements at

Course Content

Lessons Status

Virginia Regulations


Auction History I


Auction History 2


Bid Calling


Sealed Bid Auctions


The Value of Integrity 2