This course is approved by the Utah Department of Agriculture for 6 hours of continuing education, including 1 hour in laws, 1 hour in safety, one hour in pesticide use, and 3 hours in general.  Course topics are:

  • Understanding Pesticide Labels
  • Pesticide Spray Drift
  • Proper Use of Pesticides
  • Fire Ants
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Mosquitos and Mosquito Control

Utah requires 24 CEU to renew a Commercial or Non-Commercial Pesticide License. A minimum of 2 in Law, 6 in Safety and 10 in use must be obtained. The other 6 can be obtained in any combination of the three categories – for a total of 24.

For further licensing information, please go to:

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Course Content

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Understanding Pesticide Labels


Fire Ants


Integrated Pest Management


Methods of Mosquito Control


Pesticide Spray Drift


Proper Use of Pesticides