This course is approved for 8 hours of 2020 NEC code changes for continuing education for electricians in the state of Arkansas.  The changes from the 2017 NEC Code are highlighted in grey.

  • Article 100

  • Article 110

  • Article 200 – 210.5

  • Article 210.52 – 220.61

  • Article 240

  • Article 300 – 300.5

  • Article 310 – 312.11

  • Article 314 – 330

This course does not constitute the entire 2020 NEC code and is not a substitute for the NEC 2020 Code Change book.

Please contact the state for clarification on additional licensing and continuing education requirements:

8 hrs every two years.

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*You have up to 90 days to complete the course or until the expiration date of the course. The expiration date is listed in the course description and is set by the state licensing board.


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Course Content

Lessons Status

2020 NEC Article 100 Definitions


2020 NEC Article 110 General


2020 NEC Article 200-210.50


2020 NEC Article 210.52-220.61


2020 NEC Article 240


2020 NEC Article 300-300.5


2020 NEC Article 310-312.11


2020 NEC Article 314-330