Approved for 1 contact hour of MA continuing education by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources in the ANY, L (Core) category.

Course topics include:

  • Definitions
  • Pest control through IPM
  • Prevention steps
  • IPM plan to eliminate bedbugs
  • Flying pests
  • IPM plan to eliminate mosquitoes
  • Other topics

NOTE: The total number of contact hours/credit hours obtained for any online course or module is not to exceed  1/2 of the total MA continuing education contact hour requirement to maintain or revalidate a pesticide certification and/or license Also, a particular course may be repeated once during any three (3) year recertification or revalidation cycle but not within twelve (12) months. NOT TO EXCEED 3 CONTACT HOURS FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATOR (CORE) LICENSE (L-000). NOT TO EXCEED 1.5 CONTACT HOURS FOR DEALER.

Check the state for current MA requirements:

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Integrated Pest Management