FIFRA Regulations


Number of Hours: 1

Course Offered Until: 11/01/2022

Course #: 031843

Approved for 2 core units (Basic Safety and Handling).

This course has been approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Pesticide Control Program.

For online courses, a New Jersey pesticide applicator can accumulate 2 units in Core (of the 8 required) and 4 units (of the 16 required) in each category over their 5-year certification period. Only those whose 5-year recertification period is ending 10/31/2022 are eligible to earn 100% of their credits online. Attendees can check their eligibility online at

Course topics include:
-Environmental Pesticide Control
-Use of restricted use pesticides; applicators
-Unlawful Acts

Check NJDEP for current New Jersey requirements:

*You have up to 90 days to complete the course or until the expiration date of the course. The expiration date is listed in the course description and is set by the state licensing board.