(00, PRAP, PRRO) Biological Pest Control – 2024


Number of Hours: 1

Course Offered Until: 12/31/2024

Course #: 0007HY

Important: Certified technicians who do not meet the recertification requirements will have their licenses suspended in all deficient categories for one (1) year or until all deficiencies are corrected, and they must then re-qualify by taking the certification examination.

Technicians will not be required to obtain units during the first calendar year in which their license is issued. Applicators who become certified in additional categories during any calendar year period will not be required to obtain units in those categories for that period.


This course is approved by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture for one hour credit in the following categories:

00 – General

PRAP – Private Restricted Agricultural Pesticides

PRRO – Private Restricted Rodenticides Only

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Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

- Commercial Applicators: 4 General CEUs
- Commercial Applicators with the 7D (Wood Destroying Pest Category): 4 General CEUs and 4 Termite (7D) CEUs
- Termite Technicians: 4 Termite (7D) CEUs
- Public Applicators: 4 General CEUs
- Public Applicators with the 7D (Wood Destroying Pest Category): 4 General CEUs and 4 Termite (7D) CEUs
- Non-Commercial Applicators: 4 General CEUs
- Non-Commercial Applicators with the 7D (Wood Destroying Pest Category): 4 General CEUs and 4 Termite (7D) CEUs
- Pest Management Consultants with the 7D (Wood Destroying Pest Category): 4 Termite (7D) CEUs
- Private Applicators: 5 General CEUs

- Structural Technician: 2 General CEUs one 1 CEU in each category in which the applicator is certified. Of the 2 General CEUs required for recertification, at least 1 must be in federal and state laws, pesticide safety, environmental protection, or integrated pest management. The other may be in any general topic.

Cannot take the same course twice.

Certificate Provided

Please enter your full name and license number that appear on your license.

Renewal Month/Day:
Dec 31st
Renewal Type:
Renewal Date
Renewal Period:
Every 5 years
State Contact Info:

Website: https://nmdeptag.nmsu.edu/aes/pesticide-compliance.html

Phone: (575) 646-3207

Email: ddaes@nmda.nmsu.edu