7 HR Water Well Topics: Corrosion, Rehabilitation, Hydrogeology, Locating Wells, and Common Causes of Well Failure

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Number of Hours: 7

Course Offered Until: 03/23/2025

Course #: 2023-081

This course is approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment, Board of Well Drillers, for 7 hours of continuing education.  It is comprised of 7 video lessons with corresponding comprehension questions prepared for All Star Training by industry expert Thomas Ballard.

Course topics are as follows:

  • Corrosion in Water Supply Wells
  • Rehabilitation of Water Wells
  • Groundwater Under Direct Influence of Surface Water
  • Locating Water Wells
  • Common Causes of Well Failure Part 1
  • Common Causes of Well Failure Part 2
  • Hydrogeology for Well Drillers
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Approved Provider
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20 CEU Hours

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- Mail to Board of Well Drillers, MDE, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230 (call 410-537-4466 to verify that it was received)
- Documentation may be submitted as soon as it is available or with renewal form to PO Box address.

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