(5) Hour CEU Bundle 1 (Agricultural Licenses)


Number of Hours: 5

Course Offered Until: 12/31/2024

Course #: 0923737

AG Lic Categories:
Commercial, Non-Commercial, Non-Commercial Political, Certified Private, Private

This course is approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture for AG applicators only, not structural. Structural applicators must take the courses specifically marked ‘Structural’.

This course is approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture for 5 CEU credits

This course will give AG licensees’ credit in the following categories:

  • Ornamental and Turf, Pests and Diseases – 1 Hr General
  • Mosquito Control: 1 Hr General
  • Regulating Pesticides: 1 Hr Laws and Regulations
  • Biological Pest Control: 1 Hr IPM
  • Pesticide Spray Drift: 1 Hr Drift Minimization
Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

Private - 15 hours (Only 10 hours may be earned with approved Internet CE): 2 credits in laws and regulations and 2 credits in integrated pest management (IPM).

Commercial/Noncommercial - 5 hours (CEUs may be earned with approved Internet CE every other year): 1 credit each from 2 of the following categories: laws and regulations, integrated pest management or drift minimization.

AG applicators include the following license categories: Commercial, Noncommercial, Noncommercial Political, Private and Certified Private. 

Cannot take the same course number twice.

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Website: https://www.texasagriculture.gov

Phone: (512) 463-7476

Fax: (888) 216-9826

Email: pesticides@TexasAgriculture.gov