2023-24 Eight-Hr TX ACR Continuing Education (Includes required Laws and Rules)


Number of Hours: 8

Course Offered Until: 01/01/2024

Course #: 26965

This course is approved by TDLR for 8 hours of continuing education. **It includes the required Laws and Rules section

Course Topics:

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
  • Duct Design and Installation
  • Fundamentals of HVAC
  • HVAC Mechanical Safety
  • 2021 IMC Chapter 2 Definitions
  • 2021 IMC Chapter 4 Ventilation
  • TX ACR Law Chapter 75
  • TX Ch 1305

REMEMBER: The timer must run down to zero before you can move forward to the next module!  There is no test or quiz.

Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

8 hours

Cannot take the same course number twice.

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