16 Hr NEC Bundle: Course #s WY20-225C & WY20-226C

$150.00 $125.00

Number of Hours: 16

Course Offered Until: 06/30/2023

Course #: WY20-225C, WY20-226C

This 16 hour bundle is comprised of two courses (WY20-225C & WY20-226C) approved by the Wyoming Electrical Board, each for 8 hours of continuing education.

The changes from the 2017 to 2020 NEC Code are highlighted.

This course does not contain all of the 2020 NEC Code and is not a substitute for the 2020 NEC Code Book

Please contact the state for clarification on additional licensing and continuing education requirements: http://wsfm.wyo.gov/electrical-safety/continuing-education

*You have up to 90 days to complete the course or until the expiration date of the course. The expiration date is listed in the course description and is set by the state licensing board.