(Category 6) 15 Hr Indiana Pesticide Bundle

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Number of Hours: 15

Course Offered Until: 08/31/2024

Course #: 000TGZ, 000TH1, 000TH2, 000TGM, 000S5C, 000S4R, 000S4V, 000S4W, 000S55, 000S56, 000S57, 000S6X, 000S71, 000S77, 000TF2

Important: Applicators whose license is based on reciprocity will need to take courses in the state they’re licensed in and not Indiana courses. Not approved for PARP.


This course is approved by the Office of Indiana State Chemist for 15 Continuing Certification Hour (CCH) in the category: 6 – Industrial Weed Management

  • Right-of-Way Pest Management Part 1 (000TGZ)
  • Right-of-Way Pest Management Part 2 (000TH1)
  • Right-of-Way Pest Management Part 3 (000TH2)
  • Classification of Pesticides (000TGM)
  • Understanding Pesticide Labels (000S5C)
  • Calibrating Spray Equipment (000S4R)
  • EPA Pesticides (000S4V)
  • FIFRA (000S4W)
  • Pesticide Safety (000S55)
  • Pesticide Spray Drift (000S56)
  • Proper use of Pesticides (000S57)
  • Herbicide Resistant Weeds (000S6X)
  • Regulating Pesticides (000S71)
  • Water Contamination by Pesticides (000S77)
  • Pesticide Safety, Waste Disposal and New Developments (000TF2)
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Approved Provider
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It depends on the category. Required CCH' per category.

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