Approved for Electricians

In order to renew your license, the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing requires that you complete 16 hours of continuing education.  You are required to take at least 12 hours of core and the other 4 hours can be professional.    The renewal deadline in Utah is November 30th every two years.

This course #9193 has been approved by Utah State Electricians Board for 8 hours of core continuing education covering the 2014 NEC Code Changes.  You must complete a total of 16 hours continuing education.  The price includes a fee charged by the State for reporting your completion on one license. The state fee of $1 per credit hour will be charged to the student for each additional license.

Contractors (with license ending in 5501, 5551) are no longer approved to take continuing education outside of the state of Utah due to a new law, HB0193 Bill.

Articles include:

  • Articles 320-370
  • Articles 378.22-399.3
  • Articles 400-408.55
  • Articles 410-490.48
  • Articles 500-505.25
  • Articles 506-516.4
  • Articles 625
  • Articles 690-690.91

This course contains segments of the 2014 Code and is not a substitute for the NEC 2014 Code Book

Please contact UT Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for additional licensing and continuing education requirements.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Code Changes 2014 690-690.91


Code Changes 2014 320-370


Code Changes 2014 378.22-399.3


Code Changes 2014 400-408.55


Code Changes 2014 410.6 - 490.48


Code Changes 2014 500-505.25


Code Changes 2014 506-516.4


Code changes 2014 625