Provider #: 3353

Course #: 9727; (Classroom Equivalent)

This course is approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for 4-hours of general continuing education.

The purpose of this four-hour course is to partially fulfill the State’s continuing education requirement for insurance professionals and to acquaint the insurance professional with important issues relating to coastal flooding hazards and prevention.  Module one takes a historical perspective on coastal flooding hazards and reviews what lessons have been learned regarding structural failure and success from past hurricane and coastal storm events.  Topics include hazard identification, siting, design, construction, and maintenance.   The second one-hour module reviews coastal geology, coastal flood hazards, flood hazard mapping, risk assessment and management, and cost considerations.  Module three covers methods of structural retrofitting in coastal areas including elevation, relocation, floodproofing, and floodwalls and levees.  Topics in the fourth one-hour module include the siting of new residential coastal structures, raw coastal land development, infill coastal development, and the influence of beach nourishment and dune restoration on coastal siting decisions.