Approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA); for 1 hr. in the GENERAL category.  

This course is approved for one hour  for students that need Agriculture
only.  It will not work for Structural.  You need 5 hours of
continuing education but may take only 1
hour on line.

Course # 0524602

  • By actively participating in this class, the student should:
  • Understand the water system, the use and regulations of pesticides and the process of pesticides entering surface and ground water.
  • Discuss the factors that influence a pesticides’ potential to contaminate water through indirect and direct contamination.
  • Understand that the course alone is not sufficient to become successful and competent in preventing water contamination.
  • Understand the health effects of common water contaminants.
  • Acknowledge the importance of preventing water sources from pesticide contamination.

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