Course #0W000

This course has been approved by the North Carolina
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Structural Pest
Control Division. The course is approved in the category of Household
Pest control.

ATTN: Students are required to fill out the
“Online Training Recertification Attendance Form” that is sent to
students after each completion and mail to:
NC Structural Pest
Control Division 1090 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1090

topics include:
-Early History
-Biological Pest
-Pest Control through IPM
-Principles of Biological
-Non-Native Insect Pests in the United States
-Required Steps for Biological Control
-Predators of Pests
of Pests
-Products Available
-Regulating Pesticides

Check NCDA&CS for current
North Carolina requirements-