(Weed) Herbicide Resistant Weeds


Number of Hours: 1

Course Offered Until: 12/31/2024

Course #: 925491

Important: This course is approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture for Structural applicators onlynot Agriculture applicators. Agriculture applicators must take the courses specifically marked ‘Agriculture’.

Technicians will not be required to obtain units during the first calendar year in which their license is issued. Applicators who become certified in additional categories during any calendar year period will not be required to obtain units in those categories for that period.

Certified technicians who do not meet the recertification requirements will have their licenses suspended in all deficient categories for one (1) year or until all deficiencies are corrected, and they must then re-qualify by taking the certification examination.


This course is approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture for 1 hour CEU credit in the WEED category

Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

3 hours (minimum)

Structural Certified Applicators:
2 general and 1 in each category in which the applicator is certified.
1 general CEU must be in federal and state laws, pesticide safety, environmental protection or integrated pest management.

CEUs may be earned with approved Internet course every other year. No course may be repeated for credit within the same recertification year.

Structural applicators include the following license categories: Commercial Certified Applicator, Noncommercial Certified Applicator, Noncommercial Political Certified Applicator, Commercial Technician, Noncommercial Technician, Noncommercial, Political Technician and Commercial Business. 

Cannot take the same course number twice.

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