CA 8 Hour CE Bundle for QAL/QAC Only Categories Q and H (2 Hr Laws, 6 Hrs Other)

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This course is approved for 8 hours (2 hour laws and regulations and 6 hours other) of continuing education credit and meets the renewal requirements for QAL or QAC – Only Categories Q for 21 to 24 months, this course will also meet the requirements for category H however does surpass the number of required hours.

Topics Include:

Understanding Pesticide Labels
Terrestrial and Aquatic Weeds
Economic Thresholds, Treatment Guidelines & Pest Monitoring
Proper Use of Pesticides
Biological Pest Control IPM -Ag
Calibrating Spray Equipment
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
Ornamental & Turf Pests and Diseases
Integrated Pest Management

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