AZ 6 Hr. AG CE Course 1


Number of Hours: 6

Course Offered Until: 05/04/2025

Course #: 24081

This course has been approved for 6 hours for pest control by the state of Arizona Office of Agriculture.

This course is approved for AG applicators only, not structural. Structural applicators must take the courses specifically marked ‘Structural’. If your license is category 3 or 4 – Ornamental Turf; Right of Way, your license may still be considered Structural!  Please verify your license before taking this course!

Course Topics: 

    • Alfalfa
    • Fire Ants
    • Cotton Pests
    • Agriculture Crop diseases & Fruit and Vegetable Pest Control
    • PPE, Safe Handling and Storage of Pesticide and Security
    • Soybean and Greenbug
Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

Certified Applicators must complete 6 hours
Qualified Applicators must complete 12 hours

Cannot take the same course number twice.

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May 1st
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