8 Hr 2020 Code Changes Part 2 (SD)


Number of Hours: 8

Course Offered Until: 08/20/2024

Important: You may only attend one eight [8] hour online class during the current renewal period.

After completing the online class, send a copy of your certificate of completion to the Commission office at: 308 S. Pierre St., Pierre, SD 57501

This course is approved by the SD Electrical Commission for 8 hours of continuing education. 

This course covers the following articles in the code:

  • ARTICLES 332 – 348
  • ARTICLES 400 – 408
  • ARTICLES 422 – 424
  • ARTICLES 425 – 430
  • ARTICLES 610 – 620
  • ARTICLES 700 – 702
  • ARTICLES 705 – 708
  • ARTICLE  760

Although no additional materials are required to take this course, it does not contain the entire 2020 NEC Code and is not a substitute for the 2020 NEC Code Change Book at NFPA.org

Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

16 hours: 8 hours must be code-related

Licensees are required to retain their copies of certificates of completion. The licensee will check the box on the renewal form stating they have attained the required continuing education to renew. Any licensee may be selected for an audit in the future.

Certificate Provided

Please enter your full name and license number that appear on your license.

Renewal Month/Day:
Jun 30th
Renewal Type:
Renewal Date
Renewal Period:
Every 2 years on even years
State Contact Info:

Website: https://dlr.sd.gov/electrical/default.aspx

Phone: (605) 773-3573

Fax: (605) 773-6213

Email: electrical@state.sd.us