4 Hr 2023 NEC Code Changes for KY-ME/EE

Original price was: $41.99.Current price is: $37.99.

Number of Hours: 4

Course Offered Until: 12/22/2024

This course has been approved for four hours of continuing education for ME & EE licenses for master electricians and journeymen in the State of Kentucky. 

Course Topics:

  • Article 300 – 305.15
  • Article 310 – 312
  • Article 314 – 315.60
  • Article 320 – 337

This course only contains segments of the NEC code using similar language and does not contain the entire 2023 NEC Code and is not a substitute for the NEC 2023 Code Book.

Provider Type:
Approved Provider
CE Required:

6 hours

Master Electricians and Electricians, not Electrical Contractors.

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